Bacterial Vaginosis Cause

bacterial vaginosis causeBeing a woman involves facing many natural challenges throughout your life. During puberty, young ladies experience menstruation dilemmas. During pregnancy, it is a fact that soon-to-be mothers experience different pains, especially when in labor… especially when delivering a baby. At the later stages of life, women start to experience changes due to menopause.

All of these are tough moments in a women’s life… during any of these times, women may be susceptible to different illnesses or infections in the vagina… the most common being bacterial vaginosis.

The most prevalent bacterial vaginosis cause is an infection in the vagina wherein there is an imbalance in the vagina’s natural flora. There are always good and bad bacteria present in the vagina. In the case of vaginosis, a woman’s good bacteria are outnumbered by the bad bacteria.

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There are several studies about the causes of bacterial vaginosis but unfortunately vague answers are often produced. Fortunately, there are some studies that show promise in identifying the potential causes of bacterial vaginosis.

One known bacterial vaginosis cause is having sexual intercourse with different and new partners. Various studies have proven that bacterial vaginosis is not an STD… but, women who are sexually active are more likely to have bacteria vaginosis.

Although there are studies showing that bacterial vaginosis is more common to women who are sexually active, there are virgin women who experience bacterial vaginosis since this infection is not caused by a sexually transmitted disease.

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Moreover, this infection is not exclusive to male-female sexual intercourse. Another bacterial vaginosis cause is a sexual activity between females. There is a possibility that a lesbian couple having sex may catch this infection due to the transfer of vaginal discharge. A vaginal discharge that is off-white and has an unpleasant smell is a sign of bacterial vaginosis. In addition, the use of Intrauderine Device or IUD for birth control is also a possible bacterial vaginosis cause.

bacterial vaginosis causeOn the contrary, not using a condom during sexual intercourse may also cause this infection.

Aside from the common causes mentioned, there are researches that show other possible causes of bacterial vaginosis. Cigarette smoking, douching and wearing thongs are said to cause this infection.

Although these factors do not definitely cause bacterial vaginosis, doctors still recommend avoiding them. Improper wiping after bowel movements or poor hygiene may also trigger bad bacteria in the vagina.

Understanding these causes will definitely help women prevent bacteria vaginosis. It is recommended that women regularly consult their doctor when it comes to the one of the most important organs of their body.

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