Bacterial Vaginosis Causes

bacterial vaginosis causesWomen are oftentimes embarrassed when searching for bacterial vaginosis causes. Don’t Be! Bacterial vaginosis causes itchiness, burning, irritation… and some funky odors. Fortunately bacterial vaginosis isn’t impossible to treat… it’s a super common infection… it’s actually one of the most common infections of the vagina.

So what actually causes bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis happens when your vagina becomes infected due to an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. When you start becoming over-run with bad bacteria… it causes an imbalance of the natural flora of your vagina.

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There have been many studies done attempting to determine the exact cause of bacterial vaginosis… unfortunately there isn’t a concrete answer to what actually causes it.

There are some commonalities among woman who do show symptoms though… Studies show that one of the most common bacterial vaginosis causes is having sexual intercourse with new partners.

The weird part is that bacterial vaginosis is NOT an STD… so women who aren’t sexually active often suffer from it too! So basically having intercourse does increase your chances of having bacterial vaginosis… but many women who don’t have sex get it too! Confusing!

In addition, bacterial vaginosis causes are not limited to sexual intercourse between men and women. Performing lesbian sexual acts have been shown to be bacterial vaginosis causes. When a woman suffers from this infection and she had sex involving vaginal discharge with another woman, there will be a risk that the woman who is free from this infection will also get one.

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The use of contraceptives and non-usage of condoms during sexual intercourse are also included in the probable list of bacterial vaginosis causes. Aside from sexual activities, researches show that bacterial vaginosis may also result from using thongs underpants.

Cigarette smoking are douching are also believed to cause bacterial vaginosis.

bacterial vaginosis causesBacterial vaginosis is not deadly but can cause further irritations or infections if not treated immediately. Pregnant women are at higher risk of catching this disease, and they are those who are more prone to more complications.

A pregnant woman giving birth while suffering from bacterial vaginosis may cause the baby to be premature or underweight. Untreated bacterial vaginosis may also result to serious complications in the pelvic, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Moreover, a woman who has bacterial vaginosis may possibly get HIV. In this case, the woman with an HIV may pass the disease to her partner, who can later transfer the disease to another and the cycle goes on.

These complications can be avoided if proper measures are taken. In the first sign of bacterial vaginosis, women should immediately consult the doctor for appropriate treatment.

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