Bacterial Vaginosis Cure

bacterial vaginosis cureWhen searching for a bacterial vaginosis cure there are a few things you must realize. First of all you are not alone! Although bacterial vaginosis is often misdiagnosed it is estimated that approximately 1 in 424 women suffer from bacterial vaginosis. I believe it’s actually much higher though… many women suffer from it and don’t even realize it!

So… what happens when you suffer from bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis occurs when microorganisms such as Gardnerella, Bacteriodes, Mycoplasma and Mobiluncus start to multiply to unhealthy levels… and eventually they start to destroy the ‘good’ bacteria in your vagina.

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When this starts to happen a woman start to experience the tell tale signs of bacterial vaginosis such as a vaginal discharge that is thicker than normal, painful burning sensations when urinating, and an itchy burning sensation in the vagina

Bacterial vaginosis tends to occur a lot in women who are pregnant. If you are pregnant and suffer from bacterial vaginosis you run the risk of infecting the uterus, or your reproductive system as a whole. It may also lead to infertility … therefore finding the right bacterial vaginosis cure is essential.

Antibiotics are oftentimes the first thing that come to mind when considering a bacterial vaginosis cure… unfortunately they have many negative drawbacks as well. With bacterial vaginosis you run the risk of killing off all of your good bacteria.

Generally speaking, the good bacteria are not as powerful as the bad bacteria so they are early causalities in the antibiotic assault.

The good bacteria have trouble repopulating when they are overrun with bad bacteria and antibiotics. That’s quite a hostile territory… and your good bacteria don’t stand a chance.

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bacterial vaginosis cureAnother thing that happens far too often with antibiotics is that women start to feel better and they start to think ‘OK. I feel better… so I’m cured…’ Don’t do this! You have to be sure to kill of the offending bacteria. While it may seem silly to continue taking medication after feeling better, it’s absolutely necessary.

If you choose antibiotics as your bacterial vaginosis cure you will have a choice of taking either oral or vaginal medications. So which is better? There really isn’t a concrete answer to that… you really have to try both to figure out which your body reacts to the most positively.

If you choose vaginal medications as your bacterial vaginosis cure you will get it in a gel, cream, or a suppository form. These are a little messier than taking pills… but they often come with fewer side effects in comparison to the oral medications.

If you are pregnant… or attempting to get pregnant… DO NOT use a cream or gel prescription. These creams are not considered to be safe for pregnant women… as they are inserted directly into your vaginal canal.

Oral medications are easier to take and some antibiotics are only available in the pill form such as Flagyl, Tinidazole and Tindamax. Cleocin and Metronidazole can be prescribed in either oral or vaginal medication forms.

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