Bacterial Vaginosis Cures

bacterial vaginosis curesThere are many different routes you can take when searching for the most effective bacterial vaginosis cures.

Just like any other infection… your body has many natural defenses versus bacterial vaginosis. Most of the time your body manages to keep things at bay.

Your first line of defense is your skin. The skin in your vagina is specialized… it has the ability to release mucus like substance which is super helpful. This mucus has many different functions. The most important being that it keeps that region of your body clean and clear… it helps wash away all the bad stuff.

Ugh! BV literally stinks!

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Most of the time this discharge is non offensive… and almost not noticeable. But, once you start noticing the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis… this mucus starts to smell pretty foul. This happens because the mucus is trying to wash out all of the dead bacteria from your vagina.

When this discharge becomes stubborn and doesn’t go away… you need to start searching for bacterial vaginosis cures. You should start with making sure you use clean underwear daily… and bathing regularly. Many women do this anyway… But one thing you may want to try is medical douching.

It’s not advised that you douche everyday… The vagina is super sensitive… and it’s not designed to be flushed out on a daily basis. The vagina is designed to take care of itself. The mucus that we discussed before should be enough to keep the vagina clean.

There are certain situations where it is OK to douche everyday… and douching everyday can be an effective bacterial vaginosis cure. Just don’t do it for to long… it’s a short course of treatment.

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You can make up one of several douching solutions. A popular douche is to make goldenseal tea with garlic (can be crushed, steeped in the hot tea and strained). Although garlic seems smelly in itself, the garlic actually kills the bad bacteria. So both the bad bacteria and the bad smell go away with a garlic and goldenseal douche.

bacterial vaginosis curesAnother one of your bacterial vaginosis cures is a douche solution that is made up of colloidal silver and warm purified water. You can also try to add a little hydrogen peroxide to the warm water too… but don’t use this solution more than once a day.

After you douche you can feel free to use a soothing plain yogurt to help bring friendly bacteria back into the vagina.

Once you’re done douching… you should gently pat yourself dry with a washcloth… NEVER use the same cloth twice as this can spread infection. Always always always use a clean cloth. Make sure that you are fairly dry before you resume your daily activities.

Douching with garlic as well as other antibiotic solutions works the same way as the creams do that your doctor gives you to get rid of bacterial vaginosis. But be forewarned that this only solve the topical problem of bacterial vaginosis. The real cure is far more involved. We will touch on permanent bacterial vaginosis cures here.

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