Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy

bacterial vaginosis remedySearching for a bacterial vaginosis remedy? Bacterial vaginosis happens to many women… it is one of the most common infections in the vagina. Studies show that women who are 15 to 44 years old are more likely to catch this disease.

Bacterial vaginosis, which is also known as BV, is caused by an imbalance of bad bacteria. When your vagina gets overrun by bad bacteria it leads to an imbalance pH causing it to have an acidic balance.

A healthy vagina has a delicate balance of both good and bad bacteria. When a woman suffers from the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, this indicates that the good bacteria are outnumbered by multiple kinds of bad bacteria.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy

Countless studies have proven that bacterial vaginosis is not classified as a sexually transmitted disease, but this infection tends to reoccur in women who have frequent sexual intercourse with new partners.

The weird part is that experts say that bacterial vaginosis is not limited to those who are sexually active. This disease may also occur to those who have had no sexual contact at all.

Bacterial vaginosis can also be caused by menopausal, anemia and wearing of thongs. The hardest part about finding a bacterial vaginosis remedy is the fact that it is often misdiagnosed. Many women have bacterial vaginosis… and they don’t even know it.

A foul smell and an off-white vaginal discharge are the telltale signs that a woman is suffering from this infection. If bacterial vaginosis treatment is not started quickly, doctors say that it may lead to more serious illnesses such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), cervicitis (at the uterus orifice) and endometritis.

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bacterial vaginosis remedyThere are several bacterial vaginosis remedies that can help you get rid of this infection. One bacterial vaginosis remedy that can be done at home is using apple cider vinegar. This vinegar contains enough amount of acid that the vagina needs.

Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy:

By applying apple cider vinegar, your vagina regains its pH balance, and bad bacteria start to go away.

Another natural bacterial vaginosis remedy is eating and using plain yogurt with lactobacillus and drinking cranberry juice.

Eating yogurt is a great idea as this contains healthy bacteria that help fight bad bacteria. Moreover, applying yogurt directly into the vagina is also advised by experts who believe in natural remedies. An insertion tool, such as a tampon soaked with yogurt, can be used to apply yogurt in the vagina.

It may sound sticky, but many believe it to be effective. On the other hand, drinking cranberry juice detoxifies the body, which can help work as a bacterial vaginosis home remedy. Regularly drinking cranberry juice can help prevent other diseases in the vagina aside from bacterial vaginosis. Lastly, a good natural bacterial vaginosis remedy is the use of herbs, garlic and tea tree oil.

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