Natural Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis

natural cures for bacterial vaginosisOver the counter and prescription cures for bacterial vaginosis have tons of side effects that cause women to steer clear of them. Fortunately there are natural cures for bacterial vaginosis that are just as effective as prescriptions meds… but these natural cures have no side effects and are a fraction of the cost of other medicines.

Stay Dry. Bacterial vaginosis tends to thrive in a damp dark environment. Just like your mother used to tell you… if you ever end up soaking wet… make sure to change out of those clothes.

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Do you go swimming then hang out on the patio sunbathing? Do you spend your summers on a lake? Do you take quick dips in the summer? If you do make sure to completely dry yourself off!

It may be a pain when you’re doing it… but it’s really beneficial for you to change out of that moist swimsuit and to put on some clean dry clothes. Let the swimsuit dry out completely before you put it back on again… In keeping dry you definitely lower the amount of bacteria growth… bacteria tend to have a hard time multiplying in dry areas.

One of the simplest cures for bacterial vaginosis is to bring a couple of swimsuits and towels when you’re going to spend the day out on the water… It may be inconvenient to keep changing… but it’s a lot better than letting your swimsuit become a hotbed for infection. Think about it… some extra laundry is a lot easier to manage than a case of bacterial vaginosis.

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Wear clean underwear! One of the simplest cures for bacterial vaginosis is to simply make sure you are always wearing clean underwear.

natural cures for bacterial vaginosisChanging your underwear is completely necessary for optimal vaginal health. I know… sometimes you’re just in a rush… or you’re feeling a little lazy… and you just roll out of bed and do whatever you need to that day… But seriously, make sure to throw on a clean pair.

Wearing clean undergarments every day is vital to your vaginal health. Don’t get lazy by falling out of bed at the last possible minute, then throwing on clothes to rush to work.

Another simple bacterial vaginosis cure is to not wear pantyhose or tights during an outbreak. Pantyhose and tights scrunch you up… and they don’t let your body heat escape. As discussed before a warm and moist are is ideal for an infection to grow. If you have to wear pantyhose… make sure to wash them after every use… just like your underwear.

Sexy underwear tends to be alluring but not the best choice for keeping infection at a distance. Save the sexy items for the right place and time but wear the cotton panties other times, particularly if you have an outbreak of BV or just finished one.

Cotton panties may not be sexy to your significant other, but neither is the fishy odor of BV. Read more cures for bacterial vaginosis.

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